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The Best Workout Apps of 2022

When it comes to fitness, technology can be your worst enemy or your greatest ally. So if you find yourself wasting a ton of time scrolling endlessly through social media, your phone may be keeping you too sedentary. But, that’s not to say our phones can’t have some benefit when it comes to fitness—the best workout apps can serve as an effective personal companion for your fitness journey.

Luckily, there are apps for everything: running apps that help people train for races or stay fit, meditation apps to help people destress and battle anxiety, calorie counter apps, weight loss apps, and general fitness apps. The list goes on. In this article, we’re looking at the best workout apps to get your body moving. On our list you’ll find apps that can customize workouts to your preferences, and others that have a list of general workouts that are made to make your gym experience easier. If you’re serious about getting fit, consider trying one of these apps to help you get there.
The Best Workout Apps – Our Top Picks
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Best Overall Workout App: Future
Best Free Workout App: Nike Training Club
Best Workout App for Apple Watch: Train Fitness
Best Workout App for Women: Bande
Best Workout App for Men: Future
Best Workout App for Beginners: MyFitnessPal
Best Yoga Workout App: Alo Moves
Best Workout App for Runners: Map My Run by Under Armour
Best Workout App for Cyclists: FiiT
Best Workout App for Losing Weight: Fit Bod
Future is our pick for the best overall workout app because it really has it all. You can do almost any type of training with Future, plus all workout plans are completely customized to you. With Future, you’re paired up with a certified personal trainer who will be available for you to reach out to for encouragement and assistance.

Future also factors in your preferences, experience level, fitness goals, and available equipment before your coach designs your plan. We also like that there are weekly check-ins to see how you’re progressing before you’re given your next week’s worth of workouts. That way—you’re maximizing your workout time.

Looking for a workout app that’s free of charge? Only a brand as big as Nike could afford to give an app like this away for free, and if your budget is too tight for other options then this could be your go-to workout app.

In this free workout app, expect to find multi-week workout plans, exercise libraries, and individual workouts for men and women. Most workouts also include warm up routines and cool down stretches, plus there are a variety of workout types like yoga, bodyweight only, and full equipment options.

What We Like
Wide range of workouts for men and women
Structured workout plans that can last several weeks
Includes warm up routines and cool down stretches
What We Don’t Like
Doesn’t let you listen to music apps
Not much progress tracking available
Best Workout App for Apple Watch – Train Fitness

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