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Mzansi Stars

Moshe Ndiki calls out private health care workers

Moshe Ndiki has taken to his social media to drag private healthcare workers. Few days ago, the star was hopitalised for three days.

Taking to Twitter recently, Moshe shared an image confirming that he was in hospital. On the blue app, he did not go into detail as to the reason for his hospital stay. However, on Instagram he did host a live session where he shared more about his experience sleeping over at the hospital.

He then also confirmed that the reason for his hospitalization was due to exhaustion.

Moshe Ndiki

The comical booked and busy broadcaster and actor confirmed that he was currently working on five different shows and the toll of meeting his obligations seemingly negatively affected his health.

Moshe Ndiki

Ndiki kept mute about his last experience at the hospital but has taken to Twitter to make his feelings about healthcare workers and the manner in which they do their job has had him in his feelings.

He tweeted: “Health care workers need to start working on their decorum at work. How can you be in ER and they are shouting “Mr Faku” and the other one wants a picture ? Like wtf? Guys please, the last place you ask someone for a pic is in hospital

Source: BBC

In other news – L’vovo hospitalised after suffering minor stroke

Thokozani Sphamandla Ndlovu, also known as L’vovo Derrango, has suffered a stroke. According to a statement by Derrango Records, the artist suffered a minor stroke during a performance on Friday. He has been admitted to hospital and is said to be responding well to treatment. According to the record label. Learn more

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