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Mzansi Stars

Lekau Sehoana opens 25th store

Lekau Sehoana opens the 25th Drip store after 3 years of establishing the company. The businessman expressed excitement following the successful launch of the store in Sandton City.n Speaking about his feat, he penned down a lengthy note on Instagram, which reads:

“With all the Hardships of Life, it’s so easy for all of us to get lost in the Maze and lose inspiration. We as a Brand take the responsibility to remind you of how Great you are. We’re all created to have a life of Success and excellence. It so happens that we lose sight of who we are, and start drifting away from our Destiny and start being uninspired…

Lekau Sehoana

“But truth of the matter is, we were born to be extraordinary and to live beyond our circumstances, rather than to be defined by them. We’re all Born with Greatness, it’s our Responsibility as a Brand to remind everyone of our Customer and Consumer.”

Lekau Sehoana

“A DRIP Store Number 25, from someone that failed for 16 Years in every business he attempted. A proof that we were born to exceed the limits placed on us by others and to live a Life of Success.

Source: Briefly

In other news – Bontle Modiselle shows off her new tattoo

Bontle Modiselle shows off her new tattoo on social media.

Bontle Modiselle

The choreographer gets a new tat on her and lots of her followers loved it. and suddenly she realised, she was the light,” she captioned the post. Learn more

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