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Lady Zamar’s Past Catches Up

The constant torment and trolling of Lady Zamar take a whole new direction as tweeps resurface her old Instagram recording of the rape accusations. As of late, the Collide hit-maker is having it hard on Twitter as tweeps are constantly breathing fire down her neck at every turn.

Lady Zamar is been dragged over the old Instagram video as well as voice recordings between her and Sjava, arguing over a song. Reportedly, the pair was working on a song that never came to fruition because it was canned for one reason or the other.

“Jabulani raped me, I did not give him consent, I told him to stop. And that’s how I ended up in a relationship with him. It was not ‘he we are having sex that’s not what happened. And I couldn’t fight him off because he is huge, he is massive and he is bigger than me. I am really short. And I was bandaged, I was stuffed with painkillers, that’s what happened. And I never spoken to the press about this, the docket has been leaked, but I did not speak to the press about this, I did not” said Lady Zamar

In the voice recordings, the pair can be heard deep in a heated argument about Lady Zamar’s song that never seen the light, because Sjava decided to do away with it by deleting it, without letting Lady Zamar aware.

Lady Zamar : I was trying to get your attention.
Sjava: How can you try to get my attention by sending Ralph that, why couldn’t you call me and say ‘check out my vocals’?
Lady Zamar: Because I didn’t have your number and I was not willing to talk to you. If you were not willing to talk to me, I was not willing to talk to you.
Sjava: So, where did you get my number now?
Lady Zamar : I got it from ‘Bongs’.[sp] Sjava: So why didn’t you tweet me or send me a DM.
Lady Zamar: Cause I was adamant to not being the first one to reach out when you are the one that did not even try.
Sjava: So, if you are saying you are trying to get my attention by sending that to Ralph, now cause we deleted the song, what must happen.
Lady Zamar: Why did you delete the song?
Sjava: Because the song does not exist without those harmonies.
Lady Zamar: So, why would you delete it? Why did you no try to talk to me? That’s all I wanted was to get your attention. To get you to talk to me about something. And your first thought was to just delete the stuff instead of just reaching out to me yourself.
Sjava: And say what?
Lady Zamar: And say ‘hey, I don’t like this’

Lady Zamar is made to relive her past because tweeps have demanded for her to publicly apologize to Sjava for the rape accusations. Tweeps feel as though the singer lied, hence the ghosts of her past continues to haunt her.

“We haven’t forgot abt Sjava namanje weMaBanda” wrote Bhekimpilo Ndlovu


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