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Lady Du announces good news

Lady Du inspires people with how she finally owns a beauty saloon named Wawa La Beauty. Weeks ago, the star announced the brand which is situated in a rural area. Du said it is a long-term dream delayed due to insufficient funds, but she’s elated to have finally achieved the dream.

Lady Du

“Dreams delayed are not dreams denied, right after school I traveled the world working in beauty on a cruise ship. I’ve always wanted to open a salon in the hood giving them the luxury experience of the cruise ship. I hate debt so at the time I didn’t have money to buy property so I thought ok I’ll put that dream aside and focus on my other passion, (MUSIC) that’s what I did,” she wrote.

lady du

“When I started making real money in 2021, I focused on the most important part, opening businesses, I sacrificed soooo much of what I wanted for myself, I built rental apartments in the hood, and I finished that project, I remember telling my manager that I’m a fully qualified beautician and this year won’t end till I open a luxury salon in the hood, he said why the hood and my answer was, as a young girl people made me think going to a mall or town was a good business idea,” Lady Du added.

The singer explains why she brought luxury to the rural areas, and further revealed that she will be opening the saloon soon.

Lady Du

“I started realising that the only reason people go to town is because the hood doesn’t have the luxury experience, so I bought property, Broke it and turned it into a salon, yesterday showing my manager progress he literally got emotional, we did it FAM. Because I’ve built a brand for myself with a powerful tag the name of my salon Is WAWA LA BEAUTY.”

Source: Fakazanews

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