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How a glass of ghee-turmeric-milk can benefit you

A number of natural treatments and remedies can benefit us in a variety of ways. One such remedy is the combination of Ghee and Turmeric in Milk.

Drinking a warm glass of milk before going to bed is often recommended but if you add ghee and turmeric to it, the combination will become even more effective.

1. Strengthens digestive system
Those who often deal with stomach issues can benefit the most from this magical combination of Ghee & Turmeric with Milk. From aiding digestion to strengthening immunity and treating constipation to enhancing metabolism, the Ghee-Turmeric-Milk combination offers a long list of benefits.

2. Reduces joint pain
While the calcium content in milk naturally aids in strengthening weak bones, ghee helps in the lubrication of joints. Ghee also contains vitamin K2, which is a key ingredient that helps the body in better absorption of calcium.

3. Glowing skin
The combination of ghee and milk provides a natural and deep moisturization to the skin. This combination is super beneficial for those who have dry skin, especially during winter. Regular consumption of Ghee and Milk will not only make your skin glow from within but can also help in clearing up spots and blemishes.

4. Relieves cold and cough
A change in season from summer to winter brings along with it the common cold and cough. Get instant relief from cold and cough by drinking a warm glass of Ghee-Turmeric-Milk before going to bed. It will reduce the feeling of discomfort, soothe a sore throat and even significantly reduce the intensity of a cough.

How to make it?
Add 1 tablespoon of desi ghee to a pan. Let it heat up.
Now add 1 glass of milk to it and mix continuously.
Add 1 pinch of turmeric powder to it and whisk well.
Bring the milk to a boil, and let it simmer for one more minute.
Switch off the flame and mix 1 tablespoon of jaggery powder with it.
You can also use stevia or any artificial sweetener to sweeten the milk.
Pour the milk into a glass and consume it warm.


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