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Body pains you should not ignore

joint pain

Most of us experience some form of fatigue or soreness either from being too sedentary by overusing one part of our body in our day to day lives.

But, some types of pain are usually an indicator of other illnesses or health conditions.

While any pain is bad for us, here are some specific types of body pain that you should never ignore, as it may save you from a big hospital bill in the future:

1. Intimate parts

Pain in your intimate areas is uncommon and should never be ignored. For women, vaginal soreness may occur after intercourse, but constant pain or burning pain can mean bad news. It may be a yeast infection or a simple skin issue such as dermatitis caused by irritation from cheap quality clothing and friction which cause chafing. However, pain in the inside of your vaginal walls may point towards an infection especially if the pain is noticeable after sexual intercourse which could mean it is due to a sexually transmitted infection or disease (STIs or STDs). STIs and STDs can be transmitted through unhygienic or unprotected sex and the usage of harmful chemical-based lubricants and stimulants. Always use high quality and organic products to ensure minimal exposure to harm.

2. Head

Headaches can be caused by a lot of things, but do not ignore them as they are often the indicator of some other underlying issue. A change in your prescription power for your eyes may be identifiable by a headache that occurs from too much stress on your eyes. A sinus issue can also manifest as a headache. Some people are inclined to get migraines, which are headaches that are mainly towards one side of the face and cause severe sharp and throbbing pains. Migraines can be controlled by taking proper medication and practising lifestyle changes such as better sleep habits and lowered stress. However, one should be especially aware of headaches that feel like the worst headache of your life, since they can be caused by a brain haemorrhage or tumour. If you find that’s the case with you, consult your doctor immediately as quick action and early detection can save your life.

3. Joint pain

Joint pains and or pain caused by Arthritis can be common among older people, but it is important to find out the cause of the pain at the earliest instance. Joint injuries are notoriously hard to heal since the body part is in constant usage and motion, which causes the injury or pain to worsen further. If you are middle-aged or younger, early cognizance of possible Arthritis can help in managing the condition and keeping it in check. Arthritis can be caused by both being too sedentary or overusing one part of the body too much. Once you get a diagnosis, regular light exercise and resting and massaging of the afflicted part with pain relief oils can help greatly.

4. Abdominal pain

From an inflamed appendix to menstrual cramps, most pains tend to materialize in the abdomen. Severe and constant abdominal pain can mean anything from appendicitis to stomach infections. Period cramps and pain are normal during menstruation but beware of period cramps that are painful enough to immobilize you. Uterine disorders such as Endometriosis and PolyCystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) are some conditions that cause extreme menstrual pain. Abdomen pain can also be caused by kidney stones or cysts in the ovaries. Women should be extremely vigilant about abdominal pain and visit a doctor at the earliest to seek treatment for any of these disorders.

5. Chest pain (breathing or laughing)

Chest pain can be a cause of worry since there are various vital organs that are placed in that region. Sometimes, chest pains can be caused by harmless heartburn or indigestion, but it can also point to many other things. Health conditions related to the heart such as angina, heart attacks can expose themselves as minor aches in the chest or even pressure in the chest, where the feeling can be similar to ‘an elephant sitting on the chest.

Our chest or thoracic region not only houses the heart, but also the lungs. Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the immune system of the body can attack its own body tissues and organs. Inflammation in the lungs caused by Lupus is often symptomized by ‘a sharp stabbing pain’ in the chest while breathing or laughing. For women, pain in the breast can point to a tumour or cancerous tissues in the breast. Unfortunately, breast pain felt during menstruation is similar to the pain caused by breast cancer, so it is difficult to determine the same. If you find yourself having breast pains in addition to any lumps, thick skin or hardness in the breast, visit a gynaecologist immediately.

6. Earache

An earache can be caused by a simple cold or sinus inflammation, but it can also mean there’s an underlying condition. Tinnitus is characterised by a ringing in the ears that doesn’t seem to cease. Both constant earaches and tinnitus can point to an acoustic neuroma or a non-cancerous tumour in the brain. Any symptom that manifests in the form of earaches or pains are often connected to the brain, so it is prudent to get any such pain checked out by a General physician or a neurologist at the earliest.

These are some of the body parts and related pains which should be shown maximum care and be treated at the earliest. Early detection of an illness can be a godsend in treatment and can even help in facilitating a full recovery. Do consult your doctor if you experience any pain and discomfort and practice good hygiene and lifestyle changes to take care of your body.



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