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6 snacks to eat during a movie

Watching movies is a great way to chill, relax and even learn a little, depending on the kind of movies you’re seeing.
There are, however, so many other snacks you could try.

1. Plantain chips
Plantain chips are thinly sliced fried plantain (ripe or unripe) that are crunchy and it is just the perfect snack for movie time. This sweet snack also has some nutritional benefits including serving as a good source of vitamin A and C.

2. Nuts mix
Nuts are also good snacks to devour when you’re Netflix-ing and chilling. A good way to make this more exciting is when you mix different nuts together such as groundnuts, cashew nuts and almond nuts. Your mouth wouldn’t be sure what it is getting every time your hand goes into the bowl.

3. Fruit salad
Eating a fruit salad during a movie is definitely a healthy option. Fruits contain natural sugar and it is easier for the body to break it down. Some fruits you could mix to make a fruit salad include banana, watermelon, pawpaw all chopped and iced if you like.

4. Groundnut cake
Groundnut cake is a popular snack made from dry roasted groundnut and spices. It is a good source of proteins and vitamins. It is also great for weight loss and can replace your regular popcorn on movie nights.

5. Chinchin
Chin chin is a fried snack in West Africa. It is similar to the Scandinavian snack klenat, a crunchy, donut-like baked or fried dough of wheat flour, and other customary baking items. Chin chin may contain cowpeas. Many people bake it with ground nutmeg for flavor.

The dough is usually kneaded and cut into small one-inch (or so) squares, about a quarter of an

inch thick, before frying. It’s a good source of energy and it is also a source of vitamins like A, B3, and D.

6. Popcorn

Source – Fakaza

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