YANIQUE CURVY DIVA is making it clear that she won’t be changing her controversial deportment to please anyone. The media personality and recording artist recently took to social media to address her often controversial behaviour during a candid interview.

The Magnum Kings and Queen of Dancehall host was asked about the reason for her explicit outfits and raunchy dance moves to which she explained that nothing is wrong with her behavior. She also hinted that some persons are simply being hypocritical.

“Mmmm ? The question was, why do I bruk out and dance so crazy on stage?,” she captioned the video post on Instagram

The “Lifestyle” singer, whose real name is Yanique Barrett said that she would always dance and wear skimpy outfits during Carnival season in Jamaica and it was never an issue to the public but society only slams her actions when its done in a Dancehall setting.

The Dancehall entertainer’s statement comes after she made headlines earlier this month with a risque outfit she wore to Dream Weekend 2018.

source: Hype

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