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Iris Kaingu’s surprising appreciation for Cultural Heritage

Iris Kaingu is the most talk about socialite in Zambia, you may love her or hate her but at the end of the day you are paying attention. The media has not been friendly with this gorgeous African Queen.


So honored to have met His Royal Highness Chief Choma. At his Palace residence
Today was one of the best days I’ve had in a while… The Newest Royal in Town… ??

However, if you look past all the fake news and what the media has made most believe about Iris you will realise there is more to her. One of the surprising things is her appreciation for cultural heritage. It is quite rare in her generation to find youth with an appreciation for their cultural heritage.


I had the best time!!! The troupe and I went to see the most unique village settlement in the Mukuni village Chiefdom. It’s called Namatongo Village. At arrival we were served a wonderful meal of village chicken a unique vegetable called Chaangu only ever made in this village ,we drunk tobwa as dessert and after we sat around a huge bonfire to listen to folklore and after we participated in traditional dances. All in all it was an amazing experience.. #livingstonetour #Mukunivillage #Namatongovillage ???


Many suffer from identity crisis and end up trying to adopt foreign culture under the disguise that our culture is “lame”. Iris Kaingu has proven you can be fly as a bird or hotter than pepper and yet still have an appreciation of from where you came from. If anything Iris Kaingu should not be demonised by the media but should be appreciated for being such a good role model, just my thoughts ladies and gentlemen.


The National arts gallery visit gave me the opportunity to appreciate Zambia’s artistic talent. The art works done by school children for example gives hope.
Art and culture are an awesome way to express timeless ideas, thoughts that are immortalized through paint.
Whilst at the gallery, I had the fortune of learning about a piece of art about a Zambian who envisioned a trip to the moon.
All in All, I would recommend every family whilst in Livingstone to take time and visit the National Arts Gallery.


L-R: Her, Hon Minister E. Hamukale, Dr Kaingu, Mr Mwiinga.. photo credit: the bbc media action

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