DJ Khaled’s Furniture Line Launches

DJ Khaled is a busy man at the top of his game, so what does he do in his downtime? Design and sell furniture, of course! On Thursday Khaled will debut his new line called “We The Best Home” at El Dorado Furniture in Miami, and it will then be available nationwide.

If you purchase an item from “We The Best Home” however, you’d better be pretty confident in making that exact statement about your home. The collection was made in collaboration with a company called Goldition, and it very much lives up to that name. Hopeful buyers can pick from a number of golden lion statues, golden couches, and an actual throne. Suffice it to say, this would look pretty silly inside a studio apartment, but hey, live your life. In the meantime, what are the odds this is what the inside of the White House looks like in a few years?


source: Vulture

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