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Few Reasons why Cleo Ice Queen is still the baddest

The Queen status does not come, easy ladies and gentlemen, heavy lies the crown. Cleo Ice Queen has proven over and over she is the baddest chic in our music industry. This sentiment sparks a lot of controversy as most are quick to compare her with other artists, but we have got to admit Cleo Ice Queen Is a Cut Above the rest.

Cleo Ice Queen

I respect these other female artists so does Cleo, but ladies and gentlemen, the impact Cleo is making on our music industry can no longer be ignored. She has done more than enough to be crowned Queen of Zed music.

Cleo Ice ueen

Just this year we had several hits from her on the radio. She also featured on Dilish Mathews Lights song and also did a collaboration with Wezi. As if that’s¬†not enough, Cleo dropped the club banger “gimmie dat” which is doing well.

Cleo Ice Queen


Cleo also represented Zambian Music at the Afrimma Awards where she was nominated.


Cleo Ice Queen is also working on a dope music video for the song Gimme Dat which should be dropping soon. All hail her majesty the Queen. Keep being awesome Cleo.


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