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Chanda Mbao calls out Music Industry Politicians

Chanda Mbao has just released a controversial new track as he urges his followers to await The Bigger Wave. The bumping Hip-Hop track produced by Shinko Beats, which has a mellow jazz-infused instrumental, sees the MC expressing his view on some issues in the Zambian music game including award nominations, criticism from haters and industry politics.

When asked what inspired the song Chanda Mbao noted: “I just felt like putting some genuine and personal thoughts in a song, particularly as I’m working on the roll-out of some very big projects. I just wanted to talk to the real fans and young or new artists in the game.”

“I remember listening to ‘Man in the Mirror’ by Slap Dee, one of my favorite Zed Hip-Hop tracks, and the feeling of hearing that personal dialogue from an MC who was at the top but in some senses felt alone there. That record resonated with me and inspired me. I’m not at the top like him but this is just my version of that sentiment.”

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