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Bombshell Grenade Definitely Got It From Her Mama

Growing up I remember when the uncles and brothers were giving girl advice every now and then someone would throw the sentiment that a girl is as fine as her mother. If you want to see whether she would age nicely it would be wise to look at her mother. True or false? well that a matter of perception, However after seeing Bombshell Grenade’s mother I was quite convinced where this sound goddess got her sizzling hotness from.Bombshell Grenade

Bombshell Grenade has been in the Zambian Music Industry for quite a while now. It is no surprise that she’s friends with some of the hottest stars in Zed entertainment like Cleo Ice Queen. She has also been rumoured to have been dating Zuba telenovela’s Thando. Whether that’s true or false we do not know, but it is the Luam definitely got taste because she’s the hottest MC in Zambia.

Bombshell Grenade
bombshellgrenadeYesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.!

Enough of that lets checkout from where Bombshell Grenade gets her sizzling looks. She shared the following pictures on social media on her mom’s birthday and I must say I liked what I saw.

Bombshell Grenade's mom
bombshellgrenadeThe QUEEN of my Heart my mother my role model!!!


Bombshell Grenade's mom
bombshellgrenadeAgeing lik fine ?wine!!! LoVE you ma
Have a blessed day

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